About Us

Who (and What) is Beetlefreak?!

Don’t be scared—BeetleFreak is a self-proclaimed term of endearment that best describes one of my greatest and longest hobbies throughout my life. It all began in my teens with a 1972 VW Orange Super Beetle then, after a long pause to raise children (Melissa & Mat), we bought a 1965 VW Beetle in a restored red—and from there it was love all over again! My wife, Cindy and I enjoyed traveling between swap meets, road rallies, and VW enthusiast meets in a VW Westfalia camper until one day we met someone with a Casita travel trailer; we were enthralled by it’s concept. Now that I am retired from the automobile industry we are enjoying our new endeavors traveling in a 17 foot Casita to experience the great United States of America.





Why continue using the name Beetlefreak?

C’mon! This is an easy question. Although we have evolved in our travel style it doesn’t mean I have completely given up on my passion for the lifestyle. I started my Beetlefreak.com website in 1993 while playing with my 286 DX2 computer and have gained a healthy following over the years. Besides, I bought the domain name on a 30-year contract and I’m determined to get my full use out of it. 😉


How did the Casita customizations start?

I am an engineer by trade which means my mind is constantly trying to make life better by thinking smarter not harder. Casita has always made a fantastic product and I certainly can’t deny them that. After a lengthy road trip from our home in central Kentucky to the sweltering desert of Arizona we started to talk about how to make our day-to-day life even easier while on the road.

We found that the cabinet knobs were not right.  They were wobbly and didn’t look or work the way they should. Something about them was not right so I used some connections I had from my previous career to locate the manufacturer.  I learned that the latches are actually a high quality latch that is manufactured in Germany and is also used in some high end boats.  The problem was not the latch but the associated hardware application.  After learning the correct application I am ready to share with other dissatisfied Casita owners so that you can have your latches look and work the way they were designed to look and operate.

I don’t anticipate that we will stop with latches, knobs, bezels so STAY TUNED!


UPDATE – I have retired from the high pressure position I held with the supplier that assembled all of the wheel and tire assemblies for one of the worlds largest auto makers.  Now I can focus on enjoying life and the simple things I like.  As a child I was fascinated with pinwheels and whirligigs.  I loved to watch them spin in the wind.  I have a VW Beetle whirligig that was given to me as a birthday present and I display it at Volkswagen shows when I go to sell VW toys that I have collected over the past 30 years.  I had numerous offers to purchase my prized whirligig but I just couldn’t part with it so once again I went in search of the manufacturer of a product that I believe in.  I learned that my whirligig was produced by one of the worlds largest and best producers of kites and whirligigs.  I had to made a fairly substantial investment to become a protected dealer of their quality product but what the heck, I’ll enjoy them and display them for others to enjoy and if they sell that is good too.  They make thousands of kites, whirligigs and other enchanting decorations so if there is anything you are looking for that I don’t have on this website, be sure to contact us and we will see if we can find what you want.  Good chance we can!