Super Duty Zinc Alloy Cabinet Latch and Knob


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This super tough latch has a Zinc Alloy case for rugged dependability.  If you have broken latches or latches that won’t keep your cupboard or drawer closed this is the latch that you have been looking for.  The latch tang has been extended another 2mm over our best plastic latch and just look at the side by side comparison with the latch that was removed from my 2010 Casita!  This latch has almost twice the holding power of that original latch.


No more broken screw ears.  The metal case will last a lifetime.  Everyone wanted a better latch for their Casita.  This is the best latch available today.

This latch comes with your choice of 1/4 – 28 knob so you can customize the appearance of your cupboards or drawers or get the original Mat Nickel.

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Mat Nickel Knob, Black Knob, Chrome Knob, Polished Brass Knob